Conditional Access System

Conditional access systems (CAS) are the content protection solutions used to manage and deliver content only to the authorized subscribers. The main function of conditional access systems is to descramble and decrypt the receiving signals into intelligible format. Conditional access systems are used for content protection in pay television (pay TV) services, internet-based services and digital radio. These CAS solutions are installed on the subscriber’s receiving devices such as set-top box.

The R-CAS system was developed by our engineers to provide the ultimate protection for your content and revenue. Our Company’s priority is to provide a tailor-made solution with a customized approach. Our customers can expect all the products to transform and adjust to their specific requirements. The performance can be achieved as per customer needs enabling the client to grow at a smooth pace with our smart card and embedded security.

R-CAS supports full integration with a multitude of consumer devices and solutions. This allows our customers to have full control over the design and implementation of a specific business model. Whether it maybe cable,satellite, terrestrial, IP or hybrid network, our CAS can adapt and help you provide a wider range of services and options.

Key Features

  • STB control (Channel Control, Reset)

  • Notifield STB upgrades

  • Regional Restrictions

  • Flash Messages (General / Group / Unique)

  • SC-STB pairing by terminal / Head-end

  • Fingerprinting (General / Group / Unique / Channel)
  • Intuitive user interface

  • Parental Lock & Control

  • In-Build CAS System

  • Provid a complete turnkey solution

  • Easy and ready local service support

  • Compatible with DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T, MMDS, IP, etc.
  • Advanced Security Features

    Encrypted Controls

    Secure Booting

    Secure Protection

    Chip In-Build

    Secure Chip

    OTA Upgrades

    Specification Sheet - Conditional Access System for Digital Pay TV Operators!