Professional OTT TV / IPTV Solutions

RIDSYS IPTV Middleware platform is most deployed in world market today. The open nature of the this platform enables operators to choose from a broad selection of third-party encoders, video servers, conditional access systems and set-top boxes to assemble pre-certified solutions that best meet their budget and deployment requirements.

Our Middleware for IPTV features a complete set of advanced television applications including EPG, PPV, VOD, SVOD, set-top box and network based DVR, Whole-home DVR, Pause of Live TV and Restart TV. A powerful Widget Engine enables third-party developers to easily deliver new applications and services. Content Gateway operators can seamlessly add over-the-top (OTT) video sources to their offerings.

Middleware Solutions




OTT/IPTV Middleware

Our Middleware is an open OTT / IPTV platform, which includes the complete system of processing and distribution of streams, user applications and administration of customers.

The advantage is that the entire system comes from one supplier. This ensures its reliability and eliminates complicated and expensive integration of multiple systems from different suppliers.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

Your users won’t wait for slow delivery. That’s why you need a high performing CDN to sustain bitrates and deliver your videos faster to your end customers. If the number of users that visit your Live TV is small, you probably don´t need a CDN.

But if your Live TV receives lots of daily visits, it is possible to have many simultaneous users connected at the same time. This situation causes a real problem to your server, because it is not able to satisfy all the requests and to serve all the requested video files at the required speed, thus causing playback interruptions and affecting the user experience.

Video On Demand - Server

Stream VOD adaptively to save on bandwidth and storage space while delivering the best playback quality to Android, iOS, and other clients, in any bandwidth conditions.

Video on demand service allows browsing through available VOD content catalogue, checking information about the selected movie, such as description, casting, price and trailer and watching purchased VOD content. DVR to record the multicast transmission and stream the content on demand.


Perfect video processing solution for next generation Broadcasting. Designed for Cable, Satellite & Terrestrial, OTT, Mobile, Web, IPTV content distribution applications requiring Digital Video Broadcasting.

Supports Apple® HTTP Live Streaming, RTMP, Microsoft® Smooth Streaming, HTTP, RTSP, UDP and Works Well With Ridsys Middleware, Wowza and Ezserver, Nginx servers, Xtream-codes. Ideal Device for Creating High, Medium and Low Bit Rate Streams to deliver video to any android and IOS devices at superior quality.