PSI/SI Generator

Our PSI/SI Server which Making it easy for the operators to implement digital television the offered range of this PSI SI Generator helps maintain their scheduled services. It has been provided with an MPEG-PSI that helps facilitating the generation of PAT, CAT and PMT tables. Easily importing program data from many different file formats such as SDF, XML, Excel and much more, this generator can be manually entered into the system as well. Features of this range are as follows: Sends the SI/PSI data to the multiplexer, Creates a digital television transport stream Compliant with DVB digital television standards.

The PSI/SI Generator keeps its information on a relational (SQL) database. The PSI/SI database contains all the table parameters and descriptors generated. The PSI/SI database is updated and managed by the PSI/SI User Interface. The user is asked to specify a PSI/SI Database name and location before starting to work on the PSI/SI Generator. This feature enables the user to manage several PSI/SI databases on different sites. The PSI/SI Client can work with one database at a time. The database is located on a PSI/SI server computer and can be controlled by any remote client computer.

Key Features

  • Multiple Transport streams table generation over IP interface

  • Logical Channel Number management is supported

  • Event Genre is supported(Comedy,Tragedy,Movies etc.,)

  • Flexibility to add customized and private descriptors

  • SI parental rating is supported for individual events

  • External EPG data can be imported in xml format
  • Supports all DVB middle-ware

  • Parental Ratings for events

  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface

  • Server can be accessed anywhere to upload the information.

  • PID Filtering module to pass the PID from an incoming Input to the output

  • Generates all DVB-SI /PSI tables, EIT, EIT P/F, EIT Schedule for several days/weeks
  • Tables Generated





    EIT (PF / Schedule)

    TDT / TOT

    PSI/SI Generator Managing and Monitoring the Stream Processor!